Our buyer plan is all about representing our clients and helping them make confident decisions. Working with you in the buying process, we will make the process of house hunting much easier and more efficient than if you did it all yourself. We are a creative duo with over 30 combined years experience getting the job done. It’s our job to look after your best interests, and we will do so at no cost to you as a buyer. We will save you valuable time by finding the properties that best suit your requirements, and will show you the most promising ones. Here’s how we work:


1. It’s all about our service.

-you call – we answer

-“can do” attitude regardless of the challenge

-getting Financing

-giving you “live” access to the Multiple Listing Service

-smartphone app for instant information on homes for sale

-prioritizing your list of essential features/benefits for your home

-sharing market knowledge – you’re informed and confident

-pinpointing the best area(s) to fit your lifestyle

-finding that perfect house for you


2. Getting started

-open our BENEFIT PRIORITY SURVEY and get started.

-consultation to review your wants, needs & desires for your new home!

-recommend a team of lenders to help you determine your spending parameters

-research & analysis on areas/ homes of particular interest

-assist you to narrow down your online search

-schedule appointments and accompany you to view selected homes

-take detailed notes during home tours to help “jog your memory” about properties

-provide market knowledge of the area & additional useful details you may desire to know for decision


3. To…all the stuff in between

-provide detailed market analysis & applicable personal knowledge to help you make the best offer

-prepare contract, review & explain contract language

-submit your offer to the seller’s agent in a timely fashion

-advise you as you negotiate until an accepted offer is reached

-finalize all contract details & send contract to your lender, as applicable

-provide options for a home inspector, schedule inspection with the inspector of your choice

-help interpret any questions about the home inspection report or refer you to a professional, as needed

-negotiate repairs to be completed, if applicable

-provide contact info for your new utility services

-provide recommendations for after sale service


4. Closing the purchase

-coordination of final walk thru inspection

-continuous conversation with lenders in order to prevent “surprises”

-expedition of all processing details necessary for prompt & smooth closing of purchase

-accompanying you to signing of final documents

-Welcome Home!