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We guarantee you will find out something unexpected about you in this fun process. You may think the features in your perfect house are what are most important. The truth of the matter is what is most important are the Benefits the features provide. What kind of lifestyle do you want? Your lifestyle defines the qualities that you most desire to have in your perfect home. We find in most cases that even couples have different Benefit Priorities, so each person involved should engage in the process individually.

In the following exercise – you can afford anything. Money is no object. Describe and write in the five boxes below the features of your perfect home.

1. As you turn on to the street of your perfect home, describe the street and the neighborhood.

2. Describe the look and style of the house, curb appeal, color, front door location, garage, etc.

3. As you enter the front door, describe the amount of natural light you perceive.

4. Go to your favorite room/place and describe its features.

5. List the rooms and areas of the property in order of importance to you.

Now for the fun part. Take the features you have just described, and from the list below select the benefits they provide you. Then, select the top THREE that are most essential to you. Remember, money is no object…the benefits will be the same no matter the cost.





You can upload an image of your dream house here:

Or Download the BENEFIT PRIORITIES Questionnaire